05-22-2017 "2013 LuRong WOD 1"

Memorial Day MURPH
Monday May 29th 9am-11am
-BBQ 11am-1pm
-Sign-up Sheet at the gym for Food
-Bring your own Adult beverage
-This is open to all, guest, family and friends
-Ind. and Partner WOD

Jumping Jack x25 Clap behind yourself and overhead
Jumping Jacks - Hands go Forawrd and Back
Long Lunge w/ Elbow to ankle turn over to knee in front look backwards point backwardsswitch legs x10
Legs Wide, Tight tummy, Bend over and move arms like a speed skater
Wide leg Push up (Hands on ground and walk them forward and Push up walk them back in and hold)
Arm circles small and then med. then big and slow then switch directions
Both Palms to sky then rotate your right palm down and switch x10

Wendler Week 4 Deload
Push Press
1x5 @ 40%
1x5 @ 50%
1x5+ @ 60%

Metcon: (Triplet tester 2013 LuRong Challenge WOD)

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Reps for time of:
Wall Balls, 20/14lbs
Deadlift, 115/75lbs
Box Jumps, 24/20"

W: 14/14/8

M- 115/105/85
W- 75/65/55

M- 24/20/16
W- 20/16/12

18: Minute Time Cap. Add 1 second for every rep not completed

Cash OUT:
200 Meter farmer carry with 20lbs each hand
5 Manmakers
100 meter farmer carry
3 Manmakers
50 meter farmer carry
1 Manmaker

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