Open gym during all class times today that means you make up a strength or WOD

waiter game
change up the movement every 1 minute for 3-4 minutes

Wendler week 2 Push Press
3x 70% 3x 80% 3+x 90%

As a Team of 2, complete for time:
800 meter run as a team
40 Power Cleans & Jerks 135/95
20 Box Jumps 30/24"
40om Run as a team
30 Power Cleans and Jerks
30 Box Jumps
200m Run as a team
20 Power clean and jerks
40 Box Jumps

*Alternate reps as needed with your partner, box jumps must be stand up on top of the box
** One bar one box

CrossFit Yelm