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No Charity this week.... But here's your challenge.....  who has the best class time?  Take a picture each day and post it of your whole class being awesome!!!!

Also, Still taking $10 gift cards for Homeless Back Pack program for next weeks Spring Break in Yelm!!!  So if you want to give you still can.

END OF THE OPEN PARTY is Friday at 6:30 pm at Prairie Lanes in Yelm.

May 6th we will filling Back Packs for Thurston County Homeless Pro. Volunteers we need 15-20 to make it happen.  Carpooling from CF Yelm to Lacey at 9am will be back by 12pm latest.

Inch worm down
lunge with stretch back
--then 2 rounds--
10 Primal Pull Throughs
10 Ring Archer push-ups
10 Goblet Squats with 3 second hold at bottom
Wrist Mobility

Overhead Squats
Week 1
65% X 5 reps
75% X 5 reps
85% X 5+ reps

For 3 Cycles:
Amrap in 4 mins of:
7 hang Power Cleans, 95/65lbs
7 Shoulder-to-Overheads, 95/65lb
7 Toes-to-bars

Rest 1 min between each cycle
start where you left off

CrossFit Yelm