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Open gym at all class times today use your time wisley

3 rounds each side
Stack 4 boxes on the 24" side 2 side by side then other 2 on top
partners on each side with a wallball under 14lbs
one partner volleys the ball over to the other team
they catch and then throw to their partner while doing a burpee and their partner tossing it over to the other team repeating the process.

video posted on CF Yelm Facebook page


Can be done as a partner WOD or individual.
Partner 1 runs while the other works,

6 rounds:
400m Run
Dice Roll

6 Rounds for time of:
400m Run
Pick two dice different colors
1st dice rolled will be 6 different exercises
2nd dice rolled will be reps (10-20-30-40-50-60)

1st dice exercises
1= jumping air squats
2= push-ups
3= pull-ups
4= dips
5= walking lunges
6= double unders

Each participant Rolls the dice upon completion of each run.

Post total time and add your total reps, each person will be different

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