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High Kicks Down and back
Side shuffle down and back

5 Ring rows
5 Primal Pull through with push up
5 Jumping Air Squats

Partner Metcon:
20 minute AMRAP
2000 m row

Then max rounds with the remaining time. (Split however you want 1 working at a time)

30 abmat sit-ups
30 kettlebell swings (Advanced 53lbs Inter 35lbs Novice 26lb
30 Wallballs (advanced 20lb/10ft Inter 14lb/10ft Novice 10lb/9ft
100m Bumper plate farmer carry - partners can share as much or as little as they like- Advanced 45lbs Inter 25lbs Novice 25lb dbs)

Record total rounds after the row
Scale Guide: 3-7 rounds

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