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Coach Led for 15 minutes

high knees down and back
side shuffle down and back
butt kickers down and back
10 v-ups
10 scorpion stretches on belly
10 jumping lunges

Partner Up!!

Partner WOD 6 rounds of:
- 1 minute max Thrusters 40kg (30kg)
15 seconds rest
1 minute max Knees to Elbows
rest 45 seconds between rounds

While your partner is doing one of the exercises, you are on the other. The clock starts and you knock out as many repetitions at your station while your partner is getting as many reps at their station. After the first minute of work you have 15 seconds to switch stations with your partner and go for another full minute of max reps.

Complete this for 6 full rounds.
CrossFit Yelm