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Yelm Food bank FOOD DRIVE. Collecting Food through Thursday!

Thurday and Friday: 6:30am and 9am class closed rest of the day
Saturday Regular hours

Circle up Stick game x3
If out first minute hold a plank till everyone's out
second time hold a squat
third time hold a hollow position

Pvc pass throughs
warm-up shoulders

10 Min EMOM
Strict Pull-ups (ind a number and stay with it)
Handstand Push-ups (pick a number and stick with it)

Partner WOD
15 Minute AMRAP
--Full bear complex--
(if you drop the bar during round - start over)

1 Power Clean 95/65lbs
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press
1 back Squat
1 Push Press
Movements are seperate, dont string them together (such as squat clean and thruster in place o the first 3 movements) .....One partner rests, one partner does bear Complex, switch each round.
Go back and forthe recording 1 rep for each completes complex until the 15 minutes are up.

CrossFit Yelm