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Today is Open Gym all day during all class hours

Bring a friend for FREE to class every Friday!!

Good Mornings with a bar
15 back squats with bar
10 Primal pull throughs
10 Scorpion Stretch

Wendler week 2
Front Squat
3x 70%
3x 80%
3+x 90%

Metcon: Partner WOD
"Partner Angie"
For Time:
100 Pull ups
100 Push ups
100 Sit ups
100 Squats

Work with a partner. Break reps up into anyway you want.  One partner exercises while one partner runs 400 meters.   When the first partner finishes, switch positions.  Continue until you've complete 100 of each exercise as a team. You can switch around to all the elements this is NOT A CHIPPER.

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