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100 single jump ropes
15 Ring Rows
10 hang kettlebell cleans each arm


Everyone line up in plank position side by side leaving a gap between the athletes. athlete on the end jumps over the athlete next to them and does a burpees then jumping up the next athlete untill you have gone over each athlete.

Partner Metcon:

In teams of 2, complete 6 rounds for time of:
250 meter row
Kettlebell in the front rack position 70/50

Partner A rows 250 meters while Partner B Holds 1 KB in the front rack position.  Kettlebell must stay above the chest.  If KB drops below the chest, both partners must do 5 burpees.

Mini Challenge WOD:
10 Bench Press
15 Dips
20 Lateral Lunges with Kettlebell
4 rounds

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