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Hungry Hungry Hippo

Put all the wall balls in a line in the middle and separate the group just like dodge ball.  Bear crawl to the middle and grab the balls.  Team with the most ball wins.  Round two on your knees. Round three crab crawl. 

Run 400m as a group go over pose running and pulling the foot off the ground.

Metcon: Partner WOD

For Time:

KB Snatch (R)
KB Snatch (L)

Overhead Plate Lunge 45/25lbs
double Unders (x3 for singles)
Bumper Plate Burpees (burpee jump forward onto plate)

Partner 1 completes 21 reps of all movements in "A" while Partner 2 Completing 21 reps of all movements in "B". Once both have finished 21 reps they will run 200m together. After Run they will switch  (P1 "B"/P2 "A" and do 21 reps of all movements then 200m run. Then move to the 15 reps and run then switch 15 again and run & so on......

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