09-22-2016 "Strongman"

New Website: www.crossfit-yelm.com

10 minute of mobility
100 single running jump ropes
10 Primal pull throughs
10 leg swings each leg
10 walking lunges with stretch
10 jumping air squats

Skill Work:
Going over the movements

Performed like fight gone bad
1 minute per station 
3 rounds
1 min rest between rounds

Tire Flips
Sled push (loaded with a 45/35/25/15/10)lbs 50ft
Clean and Jerk (Fat bar) (95/65lbs) bar weight 10lbs
Stone to shoulder (set up the mats) ball does not go over the shoulder
Weighted step ups 20" for everyone 30/20lbs each hand

count all reps

Mini Challenge WOD:
80 calorie Row
CrossFit Yelm