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NO 5:30pm or 6:30pm class tonight ONLY!!!

We have a Women Only Self Defense Class (sign up required)

Mobility 10 mins
Running Drill ( Run with a Jump Rope)
1 min: Thorastic ext. mobility on foam roller
Triplanar hip ext. drills 10 reps each directions
10x Russian KB Swings
3 position of the clean
-High hang,  then to down position 1, hips back shoulder over the barto pos.2, then to floor
-High hang, then hang, then floor


For Time:
2 rounds of:
Farmer carry, 25lbs pinch grip a plate, 200ft
20 mt climbers (each leg)
rest 1 min
2 rounds
Run 200m
10 Hang Power cleans, 135/95lbs
Rest 1 min
2 Rounds
Farmer carry, 25lbs pinch a plate
20 Mt Climbers (each leg)
Rest 1 minute
2 rounds of:
Run 200 m
10 HPC, 135/95lbs

CrossFit Yelm