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Last day to get you LuRong WOD turned in and posted. As well as life style focus questions, weight and measurements, Reflection video and essay due as well. keep logging your food as well team you got this!

Group 400m Run (Pose Running)
2 rounds:
15 Med Ball Cleans (Coach lead)
100 Single jump ropes
15 Ring Rows

Skill: 3-4 minutes each element
High Hang squat Cleans
Practice Dubs (Go over the jump, hand & arm position)
C2B (Active shoulder, beat swing, hand position)

21 minutes EMOM
1st min -2 high hang squat cleans
2nd min- 30 Sec max Dubs
3rd min- 6 Chest to bar pull-ups

* Cleans must be 75% 1RM or Higher. Try to add weight each round if possible. Builds up to a 2 rep max,

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