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Today is Open gym during all class times. Use this time to make up a WOD or a Strength that you missed

As a group:
Tic Tac Toe With Wallballs
4 games

Warm-up FS

Front Squat: Week 2
1x3 @ 70% 1RM
1x3 @ 80% 1RM
1x3+ @ 90% 1RM

Partner METCON:
Score is total Points
5min of work
1:30 Rest
5min of Work
3:00 of Rest
5min of Work
1:30 Rest
5min of Work

Reps can be broken up any way you want, can be done any order. You must score a touchdown, field goal, and safety for score to count. (equal 1 round)

Quarter 1 and 3 start with a Kickoff or 400m run

Touchdown 6points: 40 KB 50/35, 40 wallballs

Extra Point 1 point: 50 Single Unders per person on team, 2 points = 100 m Run all teammates. Field Goal 3 Points: 50 Situps, 50 HRPU Safety 2 Points= All teammates 1 rope climb 15ft or 3 supine robe climbs

Reps at break in quarter can carry over into the next. Except at Half time and End of Game, if rep scheme is not completed you get no points. Overtime, or Tie Breaker is Max Effort Burpees in 30 Seconds
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