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10 PVC Pass throughs
10 Lateral lunges each side
:15 sec x3 handstand holds
x5 Snatch grip press behind the neck
x5 Snatch Balance with bar
x5 Overhead Squats

Overhead Squat EMOM:
Minute 1-5 = 5reps
Minute 6-10 = 3reps
Minute 11-15 = 1rep

Every 5 minutes increase the weight for your Overhead Squats.  During the last 5 minutes you may increase each minute to a heavy single.  Bars should be taken from the floor - either a Snatch or clean and Jerk to the back rack.
For 3 Cycles:
AMRAP in 4 mins of:
7 Hang Power Cleans, 95/65lbs
7 Shoulder to Overhead, 95/65lbs
7 Toes to bars
Rest 1 minute between each cycles

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