02-05-2016 Partner WOD

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10 Archer Push-ups
3x handstand hold with stretch
wrist mobility
Overhead squat with bar close grip

Overhead Squat deload week
50% of your 1rep x5 reps
60% of your 1rep x5 reps
65% of your 1rep x5 reps

Today is open gym all day and you can make up a wod or a strength that you missed, please use your time wisely!

Partner WOD:

20 min AMRAP
8 Burpee Jump Over (Partner in Plank)s
10 Wall Ball (Partner) 20/14lbs
12 Partner over Unders (2 footed jump over partner, then crawl under
14 Partner Hand-offs, Standing back to back rotate and hand KB to your partner

CrossFit Yelm