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Today is Open Gym all Day during all Class Times!


Class 5:30am "Insanity Cardio"
CrossFit 6:30am &  9am 

Class 12pm B-Fit :30min
CrossFit 12:30
OPEN GYM 1:30-2:30PM

CrossFit 4pm & 5pm
Class 6pm "Olympic Lifting"
BASIC Pro. please call (sign-up Required for new athletes)

Partner banded run x3 each
10 Partner clapping Push ups
10 Partner sit ups
Partner wall sits :30 sec hold (Back to back) x2


For Time:
30 Medball Cleans, Partner Holds medball Overhead
30 Air Squats, Partner holds the bottom of the squat
30 AbMat Sit-ups, Partner holds a V-up
30 WallBalls, Partner holds the bottom of the front squat
30 Burpees, Partner holds the push-up position

Note This is a partner WOD. While you do the medball cleans, your partner will hold medball overheas until you're done.  Your Partner withh then perform the medball cleans while you hold the medball overhead.  When both of you have completed the exercise, you move on to the next.  If at anytime, you partner can't maintain the holding position, you both must stop working until the holding position is reestablished. 

CrossFit Yelm