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Today all day during all class time is OPEN GYM

10 med ball cleans
10 lateral lunges with PVC
10 Good Mornings PVC or a bar
Leg swings
warm-up deadlift

Strength: Wendler strength program
3x 70%
3x 80%
3x 90%

Partner Metcon:
For Time:
52 Cards
Each suite has a specific movement, and the number of reps we do is the number on the card, royal suites is 10 - exception is Aces. One person works while the other is running 200 meters

Diamonds- Kettlebell Swings
Hearts- KB Snatch
Clubs- Sit-ups
Spades- Lunges
Aces-  Burpee Pull-up- 11 of them
Joker- 25 Wallballs

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