10-19-2015 "Annie"

New Website: www.crossfit-yelm.com

*** We are looking at adding some NEW Classes to our schedule in November***

5:30am class?    "Looking for input..." 2-3x a week?

Oly Lifting Classes: 1 hour in length (2 afternoon classes 12:30pm/ 2 evening classes 6:30pm)
Coach led with a written program that is done together. 

B-Fit Classes: 30 minutes (start with 2 days a week hopefully going to 5 days a week) 11:30am
Body weight movements such as Push-ups, Sit-ups, Squats and Pull-ups. Weight lifting movements using Kettlebells, Medicine balls, Dumbbells.  As well as sprinting in the form of Running, Rowing and Jump roping. (NO BARBELL WORK) Workouts would be coached.  This means that the instructor is not working out with you, they are coaching you.  The coach teaches movements and ensures that you are using proper technique and achieving the desired intensity level required to reach and even exceed your fitness goals in a safe manner.

Banded partner runs x3 each
Leg swings x10
Good Mornings with a Bar or PVC x10
Thrusters with a Bar or PVC x10
PVC Pass Throughs
Primal Pull Through x10

20 Rep Thrusters (Minus 55lbs off your 5 rep max or 60lbs off if you missed your last lift)


Wendler Deadlift week 2
3 reps x 70%
3 reps x 80%
3 reps x 90%

Double unders
Abmat sit ups
CrossFit Yelm