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Today during all class times is OPEN GYM.  


10 lateral lunges with PVC
10 Prayer stretch with PVC
20 walking lunges
wrist mobility


Front Squat
you will have 15 minutes to find your 1 rep make from the rack


6 rounds for time of:
5 Squat Cleans 125/85lbs
10 Pull-ups
Row, 200 meters
partners alternate rounds: Partner #1 completes on full round, while partner #2 rest Once partner #1 finishes they switch.
At anytime during the rest period, the partner resting can make one attemp at a L-sit. This partner records the L-sit. Once partner #1 finishes they switch. The score for this work is that
The score for this workout is the total time taken at compete 6 rounds as a team minus the sum of all 6 max-L sites
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