09-10-2015 "tabata"

New Website: www;crossfit-yelm.com

09-19-2015 10-12pm   
Lift up Autism WOD "Luke"

End of summer BBQ and Potluck to follow

Kids CrossFit:
Shortie/Littles: 4-8yrs old Monday and Wednesday 5pm
PreTeen: 9-14yrs old Tuesday and Thursday 4:45pm

Wednesday Morning class switches to 10am on 9-16-2015 because school late start 

Run/Bike or Row on your own:
5-10 minutes of mobility
bands, roller, balls, K.B

Warm-up Push Press

Strength: 15 minutes into class
Push Press Series 20 reps Minus 10 lbs from your 5 rep max
or repeat a failed 20 rep
or add 5lbs to your last successful 20 rep weight

30 minutes into class as a group
Tabata Total Double unders
1 minute rest
Tabata Total Toes to bar
1 minute rest
Tabata Total meters Row
your score is the total each individual so 3 scores

CrossFit Yelm