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Run/Bike or Row on your own
5 minutes into class as a group:
20 PVC pass throughs
10 prayer stretch with PVC
10 lateral Lunges in each direction
3x :30 handstand holds
Band mobility for hips and shoulders

Wendler Overhead Squat Week 4 Deload
5 reps x 40% 1 rep max
5 reps x 50% 1 rep max
5 reps x 60% 1 rep max
20 rep push Press Series
minus 25 lbs off your 5 rep max if your on track
repeat the last weight you failed
add 5lbs to the last successful lift

30-35 minutes into class as a group:
21 minute, every minute on the minute:
1st min - 2 high hang squat cleans*
2nd min - 30 sec. max double unders
3rd min - 6 chest-to-bar pull-ups

* Clean must be 75% 1 RM or Higher. try to add weight each tound if possible. Build up to a 2RM.
2 scores - Post 2RM and total DU's

CrossFit Yelm