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Row/Bike or run
5 minutes into class as a group
6 min EMOM: alternating
Walk on hands
10 alternating pistols

Mobility for 5-10 minutes

Strength: 25  minutes into class
Push Press 20 rep Series
If on track you will minus 30lbs off your 5 rep max
add 5lbs to your last 20 reps you made
Repeat a weight that you were unable to perform 20 reps

Metcon: 35 minutes into class
3x3 min AMRAP
-5 snatches
-5 toes to bar
Rest 1 minute between AMRAP's

Snatch weight starts at 95/65, then increases to 115/75 in 2nd AMRAP and 135/95 in 3rd AMRAP.

CrossFit Yelm