08-07-2015 "Deck of Cards" a little different

New Website: www.crossfit-yelm.com

Today is Open Gym during any class times.  
After 11:30am there will be no bumper plates at the gym.  So if you need to get your strength in please come to 6:30am or 9am class times. (Battle of the Beast comp. is using our equipment)

Metcon: Partner WOD

Hearts: Double unders
Spades: Lunges
Clubs: Toes to bar
Diamonds: Tire flip jump throughs

Jokers: both partner run 800 meters
Ace: 15 reps or 2 Muscle ups
Club/Queen/Jack/King: 10 reps

1 partner is working other partner is resting in the plank position/ switch every 2 cards.
CrossFit Yelm