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Today is OPEN Gym during all class times use your time wisely.
Open gym today at 3pm

Run Bike Row on your own
5 minutes into class
5 minute game of DODGE BALL
2ppl per team
4balls (Dif colors Kids Dodge balls)
Air squats
Jumping Lunges
5 reps to get back in the game

Skill/Strength: 15 minutes into class
AMRAP 7 minutes
Hang Power Cleans 115/80 (145/100 Rx+)
Toes to bar
Start with 1 rep per exercise, then 2 of each, then 3 and so untill the 7 minutes is up.
Rounds and reps for score

Metcon: 30 minutes into class
teams of 4. Go for as many meters rowed and mountain climber completed as possible in 20 minutes.

-Station 1 Row 200 meters
-Station 2 Plank Hold
-Station 3 Mt Climbers (Count 1 foot)
-Station 4 Leg-up Holds

One teammate works at each station. The team rotates once the team member rowing completes 200 meters. 2 scores Meters rowed and total # of Mt climbers as a team.

CrossFit Yelm