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Reminder: there will be Kids Class today 5pm for our Shorties w/ Leslie
OPEN GYM TODAY at 3PM with Leslie

Warm-up: Run/Bike or Row are on your own
5 minutes into class as a group:
Leg swings in each direction
Triplanior Hip extension in all three directions
3 sets of 5reps of weighted hip/glute bridges
10 Back extensions or supermans

Skill: 15 mins into class as a group
10-15mins of Mobility
Focus on: Back/hamstrings/hip flexiors

Metcon: 30 minutes into class as a group:
1st Minute - 2 deadlifts (80% or higher)
2nd Minute- 150 meter Sprint
3rd Minute - 20 Second Hollow Body Hold

Repeat for 7 rounds each, 21 minutes total
You pick the deadlift weight (must be 80% of a straight-back 1RM or higher) Stay at the same weight or increase weight each set. It's up to you. Build up to a 2RM if you can.
Score is heaviest deadlift (post in total weight) and fastest Sprint (Post in total time).

CrossFit Yelm