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NO OPEN GYM at 3pm today

Run/bike or Row on your own
5 minutes into class as a group:
3 Minutes of Jump Rope
High Kicks down and back
Inch worm down
Leg Swings
6x 50 meter sprints
Warm-up your Clean

Skill/Strength: 15 Minutes into class
Emom for 5 Minutes
3 Power Cleans 135 (105)/95 (65)
Then for the remainder of the minute AMRAP push-ups
Make-up your 20 rep squat and Bench press 20 rep series

Metcon: 30 minutes into class

Partner Reps with a partner as desired with an empty bar..
100 Thrusters
80 Hang Power Cleans
60 strict Press
40 Lunges with Barbell (Back Rack)
20 Front Squats
*EMOM (Partner alternate minutes) - 3 Burpees (No work can be done until Burpees are finished)

The bar cannot touch the floor for the entire workout. If the bar touches the ground, each partner does 30 lateral Hops over the Bar. 25 Minute time cap

CrossFit Yelm