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5 Minutes into class as a group:
10 lateral Lunges with KB
10 breath KB arm bar
10 Goblet squats
10 KB Snacthes (5 each arm)

Strength: 15 minutes into class
Squat and bench 20 rep series
Take 15lbs off your 5 rep max
redo the weight that you missed or didnt get all 20 reps
add 5lbs to the last completed 20 reps

Metcon: 30 minutes into class
For 3 cycles
Amrap in 3 mins of:
3 hang Power Snatches 135/95lbs
6 Ring Push-ups
Rest 1 minute between cycles


5 Minute amrap
20 Hollow rocks
15 Kettlebell swings 50/35lbs
10 Jumping Lunges

CrossFit Yelm