07-10-2015 Open Gym

New Website: www.crossfit-yelm.com

Today during all class times is OPEN GYM

Run/bike or Row on your own
5 minutes into class as a group:
High knees down and back
Side shuffle down and back
Inch worm Down
Big Lunges with stretching on the way back

Skill/Strength: 15 minutes into class
If you didnt get your 2 cycles of bench and squat in this week your doing this.
10 Minute EMOM alternating
1 min Skill Work on something not in your wheelhouse (Handstand walks, MU, HSPU, Rope climbs, DU, Pullup)
1 min Deadlifts (you choose the weight)

Metcon: 30 Minutes into class
Complete as many reps as possible in 15 minutes of:
15 Snatches 75/55 lb
Box Jumps 24/20

Partner A does 15 snatches while partner B does box jumps at the same time. As soon as Partner A finishes all 15 Snatches, the partners switch. This continues for 15 minutes. The team's score is the number of box jumps completed.
CrossFit Yelm