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NEW SCHEDULE so don't be late to class!!! We need more team work so lets do this!!!
5mins - 15mins into class Coach led Group Warm-up.

15mins - 30mins into class Coach led Group Skill Work

30 mins into class set up, go through movements and start wod

Warm-up: Start 5mins into class till 15mins after class
800 meter Run (Done on your own)
Together coach led:
10 Straight leg raise with 2 full twists each leg
10 prayer stretch

10 single leg leg swings with core activation
6-8 PAIN FREE toes to bar on the ground

Skill:  15-30 mins into class
Toes to Bar
Beat Swing, Hollow rock/superman
Body tempo, how to chain them together


100 Double Unders for time:


Push Presses 135/95lbs
Box Jumps 30/24 in

CrossFit Yelm