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Run/Bike/Row on your own
5 minutes into class:
crab walk down the floor
High kick on the way back
15 Primal pull throughs
Shoulder mobility with a band on the rig
10x 5sec pause squats

Strength: 15 minutes to 30 mins into class
20 reps of squat and press series 45lbs off your 5 rep max or repeat your last weight if not completed
(If you can not complete all 20 reps without putting the bar down you will need to redo this weight again on Monday)

Metcon A: 30 mins into class
7 Minute AMRAP:
3 Muscle-ups
Handstand Walk, 10 meters


Metcon B: 40 mins into class
Buy in 60 abmat sit ups
With the remaining time complete as many wallballs as you can, you pick weight, score is reps X weight used

Check out: 50 mins into class
1 mile run for time
CrossFit Yelm