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Today during all class times are open gym this means that you can use this time to make up a wod or a strength.

NEW SCHEDULE so don't be late to class!!! We need more team work so lets do this!!!
5mins - 15mins into class Coach led Group Warm-up.

15mins - 30mins into class Coach led Group Skill Work

30 mins into class set up, go through movements and start wod

1000 m row or 800 meter run or 5 minute bike
10 Primal pull throughs
10 Rib pulls
Burgener warm up with PVC
10 Snatch balances with bar

Suggested Metcons:
Partners complete AMRAP 6 minutes of:
5 Power Snatches, then switch with you patner

Rest 5 minutes Then:

Duel at sea:
In 8 minutes one person rows 300 meters while the other person back Squats (Advanced :135lbs Intermediate 85lbs, novice 55lbs) for reps. When 300m is up, switch places. Share the rower (always) and barbell (when using the same weight). barbell must start on the floor (no rack). Keep alternating every time the 300 meters is rowed.

Final score is the total number of back squats performed.

CrossFit Yelm