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NEW SCHEDULE so don't be late to class!!! We need more team work so lets do this!!!
5mins - 15mins into class Coach led Group Warm-up.

15mins - 30mins into class Coach led Group Skill Work

30 mins into class set up, go through movements and start wod

500 Meter row or 800 meter run
then Mobility till 5 mins into class
Group Warm-up: starts 5 minutes into class
10 Medicine ball Cleans
10 Heavy Kettlebell Russian swings
Tripalniar hip extension 10 reps in each directions
3x ;15sec handstand holds
wrist mobility

Skill/Strength: 15mins into class Coach Led
Clean and Jerk
Work on:
Positions of the clean, Foot movement in the Jerk, Hand placement in the Jerk

Metcon: 30 mins into class
For Time
Run, 400 m
30 Back Squats, 95/65lbs
Run, 400 m
20 Front Squats, 95/65lbs
Run, 400 m
10 Overhead Squats, 95/65lbs

Checkout: as a group
tabata abmat sit-ups lowest number is score

CrossFit Yelm