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NEW SCHEDULE so don't be late to class!!!

5mins - 15mins into class Coach led Group Warm-up.

15mins - 30mins into class Coach led Group Skill Work

30 mins into class set up, go through movements and start wod

Warm-up: 10mins as a group
If you already did them it doesnt hurt to do them again with your group
500 meter Row on your own
High Kicks down the floor and back
Side Shuffle down and back
10 Primal Pull Throughs
3 x :30 sec goblet squat hold
KB Arm bar
Band Pulls in front to overhead

Skill Work: 15-30mins into class as a group
Snatch work  (PVC or Bar)
Work on:
Burgener warm-up
Burgener skill transfer exercises
Strength: Overhead Squats, Snatch Balance

Metcon: 30 mins into class

Every 1 min for 12 mins, alternating between:
5 Perfect Push ups or Handstand Push-ups
5 Strict Pull-ups


Complete as many rounds as possible in 8 mins of:
10 Kettlebell Swings, 50/35lbs
5 Thrusters, 95/65lbs


Mobility and stretching

CrossFit Yelm