03-05-2015 "Open Gym during all class times"

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You pick what needs to be warmed up and mobilized! you know what is sore and what is tight. Pick 4 different exercises and warm-up.

Skill: Together as a group (Post times)
3 max effort planks. rest around 2-3 minutes between rounds.

then (your choice of wods)

25 Minutes to practice skills you need work on, not the ones you love to work on, the ones you need to work on.

If you can kind of do the skill, now work on form and range of motion, not weight.

For example: double unders, kipping pull-ups, butterfly pull-ups, muscle-ups or progressions, handstands, handstand walk, handstand push-up or progressions, Snatches (perfect form), overhead squats (perfect form). This is not hang out and visit time, this is skill work time. Maybe work on 2 different skills!


Suggested Metcon:
"Gymnastic Skill Session"

AMRAP 5 minutes of each movement 1) 5 mins Double Unders (Sub Tuck Jumps)
2) 5 mins Ring Dips
3) 5 mins Pistol Squats (Sub air squats)
4) 5 mins Handstand Push-ups (sub regular push-ups)
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