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The OPEN will be announced at 5pm tonight.

500 Meter Row
15 Pass throughs
15 good mornings
Prayer stretch with Pvc
Leg Swings
:30 Second Goblet Squat

Skill: as a group
Squat Series from the basics class

As many rounds as possible in 7 mins
10 left hand/ 10 right hand single arm kettlebell swings (Advanced: 50lbs, Intermediate* 35lbs, Novice 26lbs)
15 up and over box jumps (Advanced: 24", Intermediate* 20", Novice 12") No full hip extension required, but both feet must leave the ground at the same time.
* is womens rx
Scaling Guide: 4-7 rounds

Tabata flutter kicks
(not scored) Just MOVE!
CrossFit Yelm