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Open starts on Thursday! Get registered! 
If your registered you will placed on a team by Wednesday!  
Everyone in the gym will be doing the Open on Friday's. Registered Athletes will need certified judges so as many of you as possible that can come in on Fridays that would be awesome. Make up days will be Saturdays only. It will be your responsibility to contact a judge and make arrangements. If your not registered there are no make up days.

Teams: the purpose of teams this year is to bring the spirit team work to CFY! We will have 3-4 maybe 5 teams if we have enough people registered. Prizes for the top team each week!

2 Minutes of double unders
10 Heavy kettlebell swings
10 Primal pull throughs
10 Goblet squats

Skill Work:
Over head squat
Going over hand, foot, chest, wrist positions
How to get the bar overhead, breathing
Use a weight that is comfortable (no rack needed)

For Time:
50 Ab Mat sit-ups Buy-in

800 meter Run
-Toes to bar
-Push press (115/75lbs)
800 meter run
CrossFit Yelm