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400 meter run
20 over head walking lunges
:30 second handstand hold
20 heavy KB Deadlifts

Get a partner face to face in plank hold at a count of three grab each others right hand and pull. Who can pull the other person out of the plank position wins.  Change hands and pull with the left.  Do this for 6 rounds.  HAVE FUN!

Power Clean 1-1-1-1-1
Find your max
practice skill/form and range of motion

Work in teams of 4. Go for as many meters rowed and mountain climbers completed as possible in 20 minutes:

-Station 1: row 200 meters
-Station 2: Plank Hold
-Station 3: Mountain Climbers
-Station 4: Leg-up Hold

One teammate works at each station. The team rotates once the team member rowing completes 200 meters. There are 2 scores for this workout:
Post the total meters rowed and the total mountain climbers completed as a team.

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