01-16-2015 "CrossFit Dodge ball"

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Crossfit Dodge Ball
Teams of two or Three Ppl

Four Balls will be on the floor at all times. Each color of the ball will represent an element. If you are struck by a ball you must do the associated exercise before returning to the game. If you catch the ball then the person who threw the ball has to do the exercise. Game lasts for 20 minutes, head shots are 20 BURPEE PENALTIES. Inside cones is play area in one bay. Everytime you do an element you put a chalk mark on the ground. Team with the least amount wins. Each line is worth 10 points.

10 Push ups
10 Sit ups
10 Pull ups
10 Jumping Lunges

Partner WOD
2000 Meter Row
Switch out every 250 meters
While Athlete is rowing 2 partner is Box Jumping

Score is number of Box Jumps

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