01-09-2015 "Team Bear Complex"

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Today is open gym during all class hours, Please use your time wisely.


800 meter run
High knees down and back
Crab crawl down/bear crawl back
High kicks down and back
15 PVC pass thrus
10 Lateral lunges with PVC

teams of 3-4 ppl
One team against another team
1. cones divide the bay in half
2. 20lb wall ball
3. 1 athlete on the floor at a time against 1 athlete on the other team
4. Toss the ball to the other player on the ground, do a burpee
5. Other athlete catches the WB on 1 bounce and tosses it on the otherside of cones and does a burpee
6. keep going back and forth till a athlete can not do a burpee stand up and catch the ball from the otherside
7. rotate athletes and keep track of points. first team to 10 wins

****Link for this game is on Yelm WOD Dogs Facebook page***

Suggested Partner Metcon:

15 mins of
--Full bear Complex--
(If you drop weight during round - start over)

1 Power Clean 95/65lbs
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press
1 Back Squat
1 Push Press

Movements are sperate, dont string them together (such as squat clean and thruster in place of first 3 movements)... One partner rests, one partner does the Bear Complex, switch each round, Go back and Forth recording 1 rep for each completed complex until 15 minutes is up.

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