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Todays hours:
6;30am class
9am class
11:30am open gym
12:30pm class

Power Snatch
15-20 minutes practicing form and positions

Family Metcon:
Teams of 4
at start of the clock, 1 team member will roll a set of dice.
Every team member must complete the exercises shown on the dice before rolling the dice for the next exercise. Time cap of 20 minutes.  Total is highest rep score.

2=2 wall climbs
3=3 handstand pushups
4=4 pistols (2per leg)
5=5 burpees
6=6 hand release pushups
7=7 box jumps 24/20"
8=8 walking lunges w/plate overhead (45/25lb)
9=9 wallballs
10=1x400 meter run
11=11 abmat sit-ups
12=12 air squats

CrossFit Yelm