12-24-2015 "Deck of cards"

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Holiday Schedule
12/24 and 12/31: 6:30am and 9am Only
12/25 and 1/1: CLOSED
12/26 and 1/2: 6:30am, 9am and 12:30pm

Kids Classes will only be on Mon and Tues for the next 2 weeks

Partner WOD Deck of Cards
(20 minute cap)
Pull cards from 52 card deck (plus 2 jokers)
Each suit is an exercise:
Diamonds: Push-ups
Clubs: Sit-up
Spade: Lunges
Hearts: KB swings
Jokers: Burpees

The card value is the number of reps each athlete must do: face cards and jokers are 10 reps, Aces are 1 rep. Flip and complete as many cards as possible in 20 minutes. Finish the deck if possible. Post 20 min if deck was not completed and total cards flipped.
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