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No open gym today at 1:30pm
** Christmas party tomorrow at 5pm till midnight at the Carlson Cabin across from YMS.  Please bring a dish to share***

Today is open gym during all class hours.  This means you can make up a wod or a strength that you missed. Please use your time wisely.

800 meter run or 1000 meter row
15 PVC Pass throughs
10 PVC lateral lunges
:30 sec hold Prayer stretch with PVC
High knees down/crab crawl back

10-15 minutes
Power Snatch 1-1-1-1-1
(Going over form, positions and motion)
Start with PVC and work on form

Suggested Partner WOD

In teams of two, complete to the highest number possible in 20 minutes.

Start the workout with one partner doing 1 pull-up.  The other partner does 2 burpees. The first partner does 3 squats. Continue thos workout advancing in repetitions and alternating between partners in the sequence of pull-up, burpee, squat.

2 pull-ups, 3 burpees, 4 squats
3 pull-ups, 4 burpees, 5 squats
4 pull-ups, 5 burpees, 6 squats

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