07-04-2019 "Operation Red Wing"

Todays Hours
8am Open gym- 9am WOD- 10am Open gym

Partner Wod Alternating exercises.
One will rest while other works.
5 rounds for time of:
28 Push-ups
28 Ball Slams
28 Overhead Walking Lunge With Plates 25 lbs
28 Deadlifts 135 lbs
28 Kettlebell Swing (American)s 35 lbs

Three of the four SEALs were killed, and a quick reaction force helicopter sent in for their aid was shot down with a rocket-propelled grenade fired from an RPG-7, killing all eight U.S. Navy SEALs and all eight U.S. Army Special Operations aviators on board.
The first objective of Operation Red Wings was reconnaissance to locate a Taliban resurgence advocate and aspirational regional leader, Ahmad Shah, who wished to forcibly disrupt the newly formed democracy for his own gains as leader of the so-called Mountain Tigers.

Annie Malone