06-21-2019 "Partner WOD"

Reminder: Class schedule changes next month
No more 6:30pm Classes July and Aug,. No Oly lifting classes, No Pre teen classes at 4:45pm July and Aug. Teen Summer program starts July 1st Mon thru Thurs goes through Aug. See Annie for Cost!

20 rep series Back Squat
Minus 55lbs off your 5 rep max
repeat a missed lift

For time: Run (medicine ball), 800 m
100 Goblet Squats
80 Medball Toss over Rig
60 Box Jump (Step Up)s
40 Medicine Ball Cleans
Overhead Walking Lunge, 100 m
100 Partner Med Ball Sit-ups
Run (medicine ball), 800 m
*1 partner works at a time split however you want

Annie Malone