Today is Open gym all day during any class time. This means you can do any strength or make a wod that you missed.
Bring a NEW friend for free day. If you have someone that has been thinking about joining CrossFit this is their day!
Teens CrossFit is Filling up: If you know a Teen that would like to join our Summer Program Please see Annie ASAP. Our normal teen program will be suspended for the summer.

20 rep Back Squat Series
Coaches please explain to the Athletes how this works:
If you miss a 20rep (Only get 12rep of the 20reps in a row) you still
must finish the remainder 8 reps. You will then repeat that weight
until the athlete completes all 20reps without setting the bar down.

Minus 85lbs of your 5 rep max

Partner WOD
3 rounds for time of:
50ft wheel barrow or Sub bear crawl
40 Pull-ups
30 Bulgarian Split Squats
20 Partner Push Up To Claps
10 Toes to bar
Partner Carry, 100 m

Annie Malone