Bring a friend for Free!! open gym during all class times!

Deload Wendler
Clean and Jerk

Partner metcon:
5 rounds for time of:
Partner WOD...
Bear Complex
400 m Run
While one partner is working through the complex, the other is running 400mtrs.. The complex consist of a Pwr Clean,
Push pres,
Front Squat,
Push Press,
Back Squat
.You must go through that 7 times to equal ONE round.. The partner who was running will pick up and continue on with the complex where the other partner left off.. LAST but not least, you ADD weight at the end of each round..Dropping the bar in the first 3 rounds equals a 10 burpee penalty(EACH TIME) to be completed at the end by both partners before your time stops. (INTEGRITY COUNTS)

Annie Malone